Blueguard Self-opening Doors

blueguardEven before the recent Star Trek reboot, we were always fascinated by the technology from that science fiction franchise. It wasn’t just the warp drives, food synthesizers, and transporters, but something all too simple: self-opening doors.

Yes, for some reason, the United Federation of Planets outlawed the doorknob sometime before the 23rd century, and all doors must open with an odd swish sound effect, provided the user is in close proximity.

This is very similar to the Blueguard, which is able to open your garage door when you get 33 feet of it. It uses Bluetooth wireless technology on your cellular phone to detect when you are close. It has the capacity to obtain a signal from 10 cellular phones.

So you don’t have to hit a button or use RFID or access cards when you approach the garage. You can even set it to work as you walk up to the door, or make certain the user is in a vehicle before the garage opens up.

For some reason, I cannot find a price for this item, even on the Product Page. Too bad there isn’t a way to put a Blueguard on every door in my house, but none of them slide open like my garage.