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The BlueFlame Commuter Backpack makes mornings more tolerable

blue flame commuter backpack

Traveling to and from work is a stressful ordeal. Getting in the normal bathroom routine, putting on clothes, eating breakfast, and running out the door are our main concerns. When you carry a bag to work that is a plain messenger bag, you are likely tossing everything into a central abyss. If you forgot you put your keys in there and can’t find them from rummaging around the first time, prepare yourself to lose ten minutes frantically searching around your home.

If you’d prefer to keep everything neat and organized, then you’ll want a backpack that is not only lightweight, but has an appropriate place for everything you would need in a day. The BlueFlame Commute Backpack was designed to make your morning travels as easy as possible. This has interior pockets, magnets to keep things shut (no more broken zippers!), and the ability to reconfigure your straps.

You can choose to carry this as a backpack or messenger bag if you prefer, by clipping the opposite sides of the strap together. This pack comes in an alternating matte/shiny patterned black with a light blue pillowed interior. It can fit a 13” laptop, and has a large divider so it’s not directly shoving into your back. This will cost somewhere around $100, and will make running out the door much easier in the mornings without the fear that you’ve forgotten something.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via chipchick