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The Blue Sky Coffee Press provides your normal dose of caffeine and takes up half the space

Aozora bklue Sky Coffee Press

Coffee, coffee, everywhere, but no more counter space. We get a little overzealous with buying new toys for making coffee, and it simply can’t be helped as it’s an addiction, and we rationalize with ourselves that it’s better to be hooked on coffee than heroin. The only problem is that you only have so much room for coffee and related gizmos and gadgets. While most of us settle on one or two methods of brewing, others need more, but don’t have the space for it.

The Aozora Blue Sky Coffee Press is conveniently small, and can add to your collection of brewing gadgets without breaking the bank or taking up much space. It weighs less than 40 grams, stands about 16.5cm tall, and is made of polypropylene, silicone, and stainless steel components. The idea is to put your grounds into the mesh basket, screw on the top, and leave it in your hot cup of water until the desired strength is achieved.

Once you’re ready to start your caffeine infusion, press the top like you’re giving your water a shot and empty out the basket of the used grounds. It’s around $19 for one of these, and while you’ll still have to deal with cleaning out grounds, it would be a great tool for work or when you’re on the go and don’t want hotel coffee. It only comes in tan, which is probably for the best as it would likely be dyed that color over time anyhow.

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