Blue screen of death t-shirt

Ok so this one’s not really a gadget, more of a “fashion accessory”, but I hope you’ll forgive us on this occassion and appreciate this fine blue screen of death t-shirt we found, appropriately enough, via Geeks are Sexy.

As I’m sure all of you owning a PC know, the blue screen of death (BSoD) appears during a Windows operating system failure. What we didn’t know is that there’s quite a cult surrounding the phenomenon….

The BSoD first famously came to the world’s attention as Bill gates tried to plug a USB scanner into a computer running Windows 98 seen in this video from Eternal Fun.


There’s even a Wikipedia entry on the subject and a plethora of web sites showing crashed displays they’ve snapped while out patrolling with their cameras.

My favourite is this picture of a passenger jet cockpit… if you get nervous flying, don’t worry; it’s a fake.

I’m sure each and every one of you has had some catastrophe or other because of this phenomenon. You’ll be happy to know that if Microsoft ever get round to shipping Windows Vista, they’ve at last found a way to get rid of the blue screen of death once and for all… it’ll be replaced by the red screen of death .

Blue screen of death (and other OS error messages) t-shirts available from Error Wear; modelled by Stephanie, or if you prefer, by Jim.

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