Blue Octopus USB Laptop Cooler

This is by far the most interesting looking laptop cooler I’ve seen around.  Sadly it goes under your laptop, so even though it looks really good, it’s not going to be seen a whole lot.  The odd shape of this USB cooler is inspired by an octopus.  Although I’d say it’s incredibly debatable as to whether or not it actually looks like an octopus.  It does at least draw one’s attention, all the while it keeps your laptop much more cool. It might not be as effective as a full-sized cooling pad, but it’s also not nearly the size. If you plan on gaming we recommend going for a pad, but if all you do is a little office work this USB cooler should be more than enough to keep everything at a low temperature, even on hot days.

It has a dual fan, so will hopefully be enough for even the laptops that tend to be burning hot.  When it’s not actually in use, it can be folded up for easy storage.  That also means that it will be much easier to slip it into your laptop bag and take it with you when you’re on the go.  To keep the fan up and running, just plug it into the USB port on your laptop.  It’s a pretty basic gadget, but it can make things much easier on you.  You can purchase it for $11.69 from UXSight.