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Blue Lola Headphones – does brand name mean quality?

Lola Blue Headphones

If you start diving into the world of sound either because you’re a musician, podcaster, voice actor, or in a similar audio-related field, then you know a quality mic needs to be paired with a good set of headphones. If you can’t adequately hear the minutia of the sounds you’re creating, then the end product will show it. To make sure you can hear everything from pops and puffs to ambient noise, you’ll want equipment that’s going to be on par with the quality you want. If you cheap out and don’t do your homework before buying, you’re not going to have a professional sound.

While you don’t have to bust the bank on brand names, these Blue Lola Headphones do look awfully fancy. The big question is whether or not they could perform well enough to support the price. Blue is a pretty well-respected name in the sound community, so it’s not hard to imagine that this set would be close to the top of the line at $249.99. These super stylish headphones come in both black and white, but that’s not what makes it worth the price, or one would hope at least.

It features 50mm drivers which are said to deliver some pretty amazing sound, over-the-ear cups that will keep background noise out, and the headband was designed after the suspension of Formula One racecars. The headband will float above your head, meaning it will be comfortable to use for hours at a time without giving you a migraine. The earcups are able to pivot whenever you move, meaning it will keep its seal over your ears rather than trying to maintain a rigid shape as you shift around. If it does its job well, it could be worth looking into.

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