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Blue Freedom gives travelers a portable hydropower plant

Blue Freedom

When you’re out traversing the great outdoors, there’s a decent chance your phone is going to die after a while. Your battery is only going to last so long from all the nature photos you’re putting on Instagram, so you’ll need to bring a backup battery. Of course, if your excursion is longer than a day or two, your backup is going to run out juice too.

While you can use solar power to give your gear more energy, you usually have to wait on a sunny day for it to be the most effective. What if instead you chose an option that only needed to have a stream nearby? The Blue Freedom will use flowing water to charge all of your gear by providing you with a portable hydropower plant. It’s just a little bit larger than a frisbe, and once the little turbine is removed, can be hooked onto a nearby stick so it doesn’t float off.

This will allow you to charge all manner of gizmos through USB, and uses an LED light to indicate that all is working as it should. This can be used in deep or shallow running water, and one hour will provide you with 10 hours of juice for your phone. This is going to cost you $199-239, but seeing that this idea has only come up and been created in the past year, there are a few questions you might ask yourself. Such as whether or not you trust yourself to secure the water-resistant, but not water proof, base somewhere safe every time you use it so that it doesn’t go flying into the water from a strong current.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter