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The Bluboon Business Card Holder is a professional address book

BLUBOON Business Card holder

In the professional world, you introduce yourself with a business card. The design of the card, card case, the quality of the paper it’s printed on, and your title can say a lot about you in one go. Of course, what you wear, how you talk, and your social skills are important too, but the business card is part of the first impression-making. Over time, it’s not hard to amass a horde of these little pieces of paper, and they can easily get lost in the great clutter of our lives.

If you wish you had a way to keep track of the physical cards without just logging all the information on an Excel sheet (some of us are old-fashioned), then this Bluboon Business Card Holder Book can help. It’s quite a bit like an address book, but has sheets like what you’d find for organizing photos, but…smaller. You can organize the business cards alphabetically, and it can hold quite a few cards as it has 300 cells.

This is made out of PU leather and PVC, and while it is meant for business cards, you can also use it for organizing IDs, credit cards, or personal cards. Quite honestly this could even function as a wallet as it only measures 7.87×4.73×1.18” and has a snap to hold it shut so things don’t go flying around in your bag. This is going to cost you around $14.99, and will hopefully prevent you from finding business cards in every nook and cranny of your desk.

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