Blubber Bots an interesting idea


Robots are extremely interesting things to look at, what more play with – and it is no different with the Blubber Bots. The Blubber Bot is actually a D.I.Y. robotic species that are smart enough to navigate their way autonomously without any external input and intelligently, avoiding collision with humans and other obstacles. They are more than capable of floating about peacefully like a jellyfish, dance a number, belt out a song, or even seek whatever its master asks it to. Read on more about these light-seeking, helium-filled balloon robots after the jump.

Each Blubber Bot was constructed in a way that grazes the landscape in a peaceful manner, searching for either light or cellphone signals. That shouldn’t be a problem for it in urban areas, but under developed nations could find both factors missing. But I digress – whenever a phone call is made or if you wave your handset near a Blubber Bot, it will go into a flocking dance or sing a special tune especially just for you. The sounds belted out are pretty much the same as those bellowed by whales, so these serenading tunes will most likely be wistful and melodramatic than upbeat.

If they receive no stimuli, they will automatically take a break, rousing itself from its slumber from time to time in order to seek for attention where available. Blubber Bots were meant to be social creatures, and they love playing (sounds like a bunch of kids eh). You can always ask your mate to bring over his Blubber Bot and watch the both of them have a fun time interacting with each other. A couple of directional motors give the Blubber Bot the ability to move around anywhere it likes. Those who are living in the Los Angeles area can meet up at Echo Park this June 30th in order to build their very own Blubber Bot. Man, I wish I could be there. Any sponsors?

Source: Wired

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