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Blow Drying Curling Iron helps you look your level best

blow-drying-curling-ironThe ladies tend to have more options when it comes to exploring various hairstyles, and for good reason, too. After all, they do happen to have a longer mane most of the time, and the kind of choices that come with so much volume definitely provides a whole lot more leeway as opposed to what a regular guy would have on his crown. Having said that, Hammacher has offered what they deem to be another of “The Only” series, which is a $69.95 Blow Drying Curling Iron.

What makes this Blow Drying Curling Iron so special? For starters, this comes across not only as a regular curling iron, but it also has a hidden identity – that of a hot air styler which will be able to help one style and dry one’s hair at the same time, now how about that? Definitely one of the cooler contraptions to play with your hair that we have seen so far, that is for sure.

It will be different from a traditional curling iron, however, for the simple virtue that it is a real time saver, and can even be used on damp hair in order to create long-lasting ringlets, waves, or volume. Vents will be located in the 1.5″ diameter barrel that emit a powerful blast of hot air at two different speeds and three different temperatures, allowing it to safely and quickly dry hair of any texture, and the presence of a tourmaline ceramic coating will help to inhibit hot spots.