Bloom Box can save a lot of money on energy

Everybody wants affordable energy without any hazardous emissions, and there have always been some company working on things like cold fusion or other things that seem like pipe dreams.

Pipe dreams until someone actually perfects it. I’m not certain how close Bloom Energy is to creating that awesome energy, but their Bloom Box certainly comes close.

Bloom Box just recently got some spotlight from the long-running news show 60 Minutes. See how it works after the jump, as well as a short video.

It sucks up oxygen on one side and fuel like natural gas and biomass on the other. Essentially, the Bloom Box will bake sand and cut it into tiny squares, and they are then turned into ceramics and that are coated with green and black “inks”. These ceramic disks are stacked up, and more power is generated depending on their height. I’m not certain if there is some sort of fuel you need to buy for this, but I hope it is renewable.

According to 60 Minutes, one of the first clients of the Bloom Box was eBay. They claim that these green boxes have saved the company over one hundred thousand dollars.

Are we looking at a future where everyone has a Bloom Box in their backyard? If they can save me thousands of dollars on my energy bill, I don’t see why not.


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