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Blonde Swan Hats make you glad to be a geek

Star Trek

Not too long ago being labeled a geek or nerd was reason enough to be ostracized from most of regular society. Thankfully the tides have turned, and now you can show off your love of comics, movies, games and more without being made fun of. Actually, it makes you one of the cool kids. While most now rely on a shirt with a logo or bag that has comic pages plastered all over it to show off what they love, some want to go a more subtle, dapper route.

If your tastes in geekery are a bit more refined and you’re all about buying quality, then Blonde Swan is going to make you do a double take. This is a hat boutique that specializes in leather hats, goggles, and accessories. Everything they have is handmade, and to attest to their quality, I have approximately three of their hats that are still looking as good as the first day I bought them 3 or so years ago.

You can find different styles ranging from a tiny top hat to a pointed witch or wizard hat, but the themed hats are where it’s at. They’re masters of having both subtle and obvious nods to beloved characters like Harley Quinn, BB-8, Wonder Woman, Mario, Dr Who and more. Their prices range from around $100-600+, and yes, even those of you who have a huge head will be able to find something since they can make custom orders for just about anything. I’ve been working with them for the past several years at conventions, have worked in their studio, and don’t know why I haven’t brought up their awesome headgear before! I’m not getting a commission to tell you about them, I just really love their work, and they have a huge range of finery for you to put on your head.

Available for purchase on Etsy