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BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch changes on the fly to meet your needs

BLOCKS Module Smartwatch

When we’re searching for a new gizmo or gadget, we have to really research our options so that the shiny toy we’re after will be worth the money we sink into it. Smartwatches are all over the place, and if you don’t have one there’s likely the tiniest inkling in your mind that you might want one of these for your own. Of course, there are so many options out there that it’s hard to find one that will fit you uniquely.

If your wants and needs seem to change every day or week, then picking out one option can be a bit nightmarish. BLOCKS is a smartwatch that can become whatever you need it to be, as every link is a module that lets you change the functions to whatever you want. The watch is made up of the Core, which is just the watch face, and then you’ll have to choose which modules you’ll want. Of course, the Core is capable of all the nifty smartwatch stuff, such as phone notifications, activity tracking, voice control, haptic feedback, and has a color touch screen.

There are a lot of modules in the works for this insanely successful crowdfunding campaign. On the docket thus far is an extra battery module, heart rate module, GPS, NFC, and an altitude, pressure, and temperature tracker. In their later phases you’ll be able to get a SIM card module that will allow you to leave your phone at home, fingerprint scanner, LED lighting, shutter, air quality tester, camera, flash memory, stress level monitor, body temperature module, and more. They look to be pretty easy to attach, and you can bring modules you think you might need later on in the day with you. This is going to cost you $285 for the Core and 4 modules, and you can always buy more once it hits the shelves.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter