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Block Light offers reading capability during the dark ages

block-lightReading is fun – extremely fun, if you are willing to make your imagination work on your behalf, as your mind transforms words into sights, sounds, touch, taste and smell. Well, there is one fundamental drawback about reading regular books, and that would be the fact that without a source of light, reading’s impossible. What happens if you would like to continue your adventures while you are on a bus, or on a train? A reading light would definitely come in handy, so why leave it to fate when you can always carry around your very own £9.95 Block Light?

As its name suggests, the Block Light would ensure that there is no reason not to read even when it is pitch black all around you. This particularly handy LED book light can be clipped onto your book cover, where it will illuminate the pages, ensuring that your eyes will be well adjusted to the lighting situation for you to read into the wee hours of the morning – all without having to disturb those in your vicinity. It sports a flexible neck that enables you to position the light so that you can obtain the best coverage for your book. It will be powered by a trio of LR41 batteries, and thankfully they come with each purchase to let you get started right out of the box.