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Blizzard Diablo Goblin Bank with Sound

diablo-goblin-bank-soundAre you still all abuzz with Blizzard’s Diablo franchise, so much so that you are unable to get enough of it? Do you eat, sleep and dream about Diablo, and all that goes on in the game? Well, if you would like to add at least one more Diablo item into your collection, then you might want to consider this $29.99 Blizzard Diablo Goblin Bank with Sound. This is a unique coin bank, since the goblin here is more than happy to take your coins, and each coin picked up will see the goblin cackle with glee. Hey, I’d also do the same if folks were to drop money into my wallet.

The Blizzard Diablo Goblin Bank with Sound is a ThinkGeek creation & exclusive, and goblins are not immune to the clarion call of mammon, too. At least you do not need to have any kind of high level character in order to disarm this laughing goblin of his treasure, since all that is required is to pick him up, and remove the “door” located right at the bottom. Easy as ABC, really. A trio of AAA batteries are required to power this bad boy, and best of all is, the money saved using the Blizzard Diablo Goblin Bank with Sound would be perfect for you to pick up other Diablo paranarphelia.