Bliptronic 5000 LED Synthesizer

bliptronicIf you’re one who dabbles with music as a hobby and want to delve into the world of modern tunes with robotic beeps, then might we suggest you take a second look at the Bliptronic 5000 LED Synthesizer? This minimalist musical device is also an old school synthesizer, and it clearly doesn’t fall under any category of musical instrument as it churns out 8-Bit style style tunes from its grid of glowing buttons.

Once you start touching the keys of the Bliptronic you’ll be hooked by it’s simple pattern-based approach to music. In the world of the Bliptronic, creating a song revolves around an ever evolving 4-beat pattern. Each row of vertical buttons represents the notes in one octave. Push a button to turn on a note, push the button again to turn off a note. Push multiple buttons in one vertical row to make a chord. The Bliptronic plays whatever you have selected in sequence horizontally across the display. When it reaches the end of the pattern, it repeats. The genius comes as you modify the pattern by turning notes on and off while the pattern is still looping to create evolving electronic melodies. In addition to the grid of glowing LED buttons you’ll notice some other controls on the Bliptronic. These allow you to set the tempo (From 60-160 BPM), choose the instrument (From 8 different retro-synth type sounds), adjust the volume and turn looping on or off.

Another interesting aspect about the $49.99 Bliptronic 5000 LED Synthesizer is this – you can attach an infinite number of Bliptronics together (as your budget permits, of course) via the link ports and included cables allowing you to compose impossibly long 8-bit songs, where you can assign different people to control various segments of a tune.

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