A Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Whether Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall the need for air circulation exists. Sometimes it is a matter of blowing around the heat coming from the vent. Other times the cold air needs to flow. And other days the weather is perfect – just stagnant – and a fan becomes a savior. Ceiling fans have certainly become a necessity in many rooms. But have you ever been in a room with a short ceiling? Nope, no fan. Or how about those ceiling fans that make too much racket. The ‘whir whir’ of a noisy fan sure can ruin a good movie night. And the airflow from a typical ceiling fan is far from consistent. One person always seems to be in the vortex while others feel nothing.
 The Exhale™ Fan look to revolutionize the meaning of a ceiling fan. Their bladeless invention creates 360° airflow. How? Take a look at the video above. Using a sort of vortex airflow, Exhale pulls air in from below and spills it back out the sides. What you get is air passing over you from the side – similar to a breeze. The unit offers a remote control like other ceiling fans, a stylish, unobtrusive design and 9 color options.
Exhale launched on Indiegogo in November and quickly reached their $35,000 goal. They will commence production in Q1 2013 and you can sign up to learn when pre-orders can be placed on their website. If you are looking for an alternative to the bladed ceiling fan I suggest you visit their site or Indiegogo page to learn more about this unique approach to a home necessity.

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