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Four Blade Vegetable Spiralizer helps you churn out delicious vegetarian meals

four-blade-vege-spiralizerDo you love to potter around the kitchen, and you have plenty of recipes swimming in your head that you would like to share with the rest of the world? All right, maybe not so much the world, but the rest of the family and circle of friends would do just fine. Well, getting some members of the family to chow down on their vegetables might prove to be a rather challenging task, which is why we decided that the $49.95 Four Blade Vegetable Spiralizer might just do the trick to change the minds of such folks.

This happens to be a very versatile kitchen utensil that will be able to transform fresh vegetables into mouthwatering, nutritious meals. It was specially created by a leading manufacturer of restaurant cookware, as this hand-crank spiralizer arrives with a quartet of stainless steel blades (2.5mm, 1.2 x 2mm, 3 x 3mm, 4 x 6mm) that are more than capable of slicing or shredding vegetables into everything from delicate angel-hair strands to medium-thick curly fries. It is perfect for those who are on a gluten-free or vegetarian diet, and the spiralizer is able to help home chefs incorporate fresh produce into any diet via palette-pleasing fare such as zucchini pasta a.k.a. “zoodles”, baked sweet potato curly fries, and spiralized apple crisp. The sturdy base is made from BPS-free ABS plastic which will wipe clean, has all four suction cups that will hold it securely in place. Certainly the dishes created with this will be healthier than grilling, right?