Blackout Buddy – Emergency Radio and Flashlight

Blackout Buddy
Here it is, another “Why didn’t I think of that” gadget, the Blackout Buddy, the emergency radio & flashlight that automatically comes on when there’s a power cut. With climate change becoming a more and more serious issue and with storms, tornadoes and hurricanes occurring more and more often many Americans stack up on survival equipment like these radios. We definitely recommend getting one just in case and there are even some that allow you to charge your smartphone, play music via USB or AUX cable and much more. The best thing is that you don’t even need batteries as they are usually charged by solar power or with a cranking handle.

The Blackout Buddy is the essential emergency tool for every home. Designed to stay plugged into the wall for continuous charging and to be ready for any emergency, the Blackout Buddy’s built-in LED light and AM/FM radio automatically turn on when the electricity goes out. The rechargeable battery provides enough power for hours of emergency AM/FM radio and light operation: 12-16 hours of LED light use, or 4-8 hours of radio use. The Blackout Buddy also serves as a convenient and functional everyday plug-in radio and light for any room in the home or office.

Available from Ambient Weather, found on BoJ.

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