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New Blackjack watch is a beauty to behold

timex-blackjackTimepieces are more of a fashion accessory these days than a tool that we use to tell the time. Sure, watches are useful to wear, but the traditional time telling method has been more or less made obsolete in the cities and urban areas thanks to our smartphones and computers that provide a constant reminder on what time it is. However, there is still room for watches, as smartwatches have proven that it is not going to phase out the old school timepieces, which is why we are excited to bring the Todd Snyder + Timex Blackjack Watch to the consciousness of everyone else.

Sporting a stealthy and sophisticated look, the all new Blackjack Watch from Todd Snyder and Timex has been inspired by a sporty 1970s style from the Timex archives. Of course, since we are in the new millennium and are about to call the second decade to a close, it has been updated in a modern blackout palette. This timepiece does have an edgy look to it, being the latest in an ongoing collaboration between the celebrated menswear designer and the iconic American watch brand. In fact, the Blackjack watch would pay homage to the stylish drivers of Formula One in the 1960s and 70s.

Sporting speed dials and roulette wheels, the Blackjack evokes the noir glamour of fast cars, hot tires and midcentury Monaco casinos, all encapsulated in a sleek New York style. The Todd Snyder + Timex Blackjack Watch will borrow distinctive details from that archival original, where there will be urbane updates in the form of a black finished case as well as a military inspired nylon strap. Looking good is not the only thing, as it has to function well, which is why it comes with features such as 50 meter water resistance and quartz movement.

The Blackjack Watch will retail for $138 apiece and is extremely versatile to be used regardless of the environment you are in.

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