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Black and White Clock

black-white-clockLet me start by saying that I was amazed at the many numbers of comments that we had at the Wrist Watch Tattoo. Several of them said that telling time with an ever-changing digital tattoo on the wrist was a pure hoax, but some were believers.

I recently discovered another way of telling time with some ever changing digits, but this is designed for the wall. The Black & White clock features four separate OLED digits, each of them are on individual power.

I’m guessing that somehow these four numbers are somehow wirelessly synced together, as one number should know its place in the whole. I suppose they could be timed so that the hour number is in sync with the minute number and such.

As you can see, these numbers are black during the daytime, but the designer, Vadim Kibardin, has arranged it so the numbers will glow in the dark. I’m not certain how they mount on the wall.

Right now, this Black & White clock remains only a concept for now, but the designer is currently hoping for a mass distributor. Considering how pragmatic and aesthetic this clock is, it probably won’t be long before the Black & White Clock adorns the walls of mansions.