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Black Marble LED floor display will wow your customers

Black_MarbleConsumers are a pretty jaded bunch these days, where there is very little that is able to provide them with the wow factor any more. After all, we are being bombarded by so many different kinds of advertisements and enticements on so many levels, it will take a whole lot in order to keep us glued to the screen or to be captivated. ROE Visual of Shenzhen, China, might have something which would provide any retail venue worth its salt with something that will definitely wow the masses: the Black Marble. It sounds ominous and rightly so, as the Black Marble is a high-contrast, state-of-the-art LED floor display that will add depth, dimension and production value to virtually any event.

 The Black Marble has been specially engineered to target concert stages, television studios and commercial stands as it boasts of a unique crossover capacity, being able to work across numerous other creative applications. The ability to mix-and-match panels paves the way for an enhanced creative experience, whereas the smooth surface enables high-end use without having to fear of it slipping or experience any scratching.

With ROE Visual’s Black Marble, one will be able to expand floor lighting design by having way spotlights incorporated into one of its modules, and if one would like to be able to see a truly amazing effect, why not pair it up with the high-resolution, large-format Sapphire LED system?

Those who take a look at the Black Marble will enjoy a lifelike viewing experience thanks to the extremely convenient ultra-lightweight frame design that is useful for a wide range of indoor applications. With a frame design that is made up of carbon and magnesium, it will offer a lightweight panel while the presence of black LEDs ensure an incomparable viewing experience via high contrast and brightness. It uses magnets to assemble, and despite being flexible with the ability to curve, it is a snap to set-up and disassemble.

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