Black Ghost Helicopter for the kids

black-ghost.jpgIf your kid is into all things military, then the Black Ghost Helicopter toy could be just the right present.

Not far off looking like an Apache helicopter (if you squint a bit) but sadly without the weaponry, this tiny little powerhouse is so astonishingly stable even an idiot can fly it. We tested it on of our idiots in the IWOOT office just to make sure. As well as being an easy flyer it’s also pretty darn resilient along with full altitude and directional control plus a super steady forward motion. It charges up from the remote (which takes 6 AA batteries) and you should get at least 10 mins flying time before it needs another charge. This really is the most stable and controllable little helicopter we’ve ever played with – and we’ve played with a lot (it’s important research you know). This well and truly rocks.

The Black Ghost Helicopter would make a pretty good stocking stuffer at the relatively affordable price of £24.95.

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