Black & Decker Energy Efficient Vacuum Cleaner

There was a time when I really thought these little handheld vacuums were close to pointless.  Oddly it’s only after having a house with wood floors in almost every room that I wish I had something like this.  It’d just be nice to have around to suck up quick little messes left by my nieces or any dead spiders that seem to have come into my house to run away from the summer heat only to discover themselves feeling very flat.  Black & Decker has created an affordable option that would do the trick for all those small jobs from cookie crumbs to the bugs they attract.

This energy efficient vacuum has received an Energy Star rating.  It is cordless with 2-speeds and a 10-position pivoting nozzle.  It has 3-stage filtration, an upholstery brush, a small crevice tool and a wall mountable charging base to finish off the package.  You can purchase it along with a handy little 2-year warranty for $50 through Amazon, where it has received almost a 5-star rating from 317 customers.

Source: GadgetGrid

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