Black Box cleans hands and feet in seconds

I’m going to tell you something that I’m not exactly ashamed of, but I’m not proud of it. You see, I hate washing my hands.

Maybe it’s because I’m on the go constantly, and barely have time to use the restroom. However, if I had one of these black boxes (not to be confused with the ones used on airplanes), then hand sanitation would be a snap.

This box uses plasma gas, the same type of plasma clearning that is used to sterilize medical instruments. This box allows the user to sanitize one’s hands in just four seconds.

This thing is good for drug-resistant strains, MRSA, or even Athlete’s Foot. In fact, the researchers who made it says that it can get rid of Athlete’s Foot without the user ever removing a sock.

It is a real shame that this tech isn’t for the typical consumer, but rather for hospitals, hotels, and any other business that has to rely on cleanliness. You know that sign that says: “Employees must wash hand before returning to work”. Just imagine a sign saying: “Employees must scan their hands after using the facilities”.

The way of the future, this is. Let’s use technology to get rid of those every day stupid activities like washing hands or brushing teeth. I hope that this sanitation tech will catch on to the regular consumer, as I could use a little more clean in my home.


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