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BitLox wallets are virtually indestructible

bitloxWhen it comes to spending money, there are virtually unlimited ways of doing so, taking into consideration the sheer number of items that are on sale in the world today, where the lust of the eye definitely captures the attention of many. Well, credit cards can be useful tools, but more often than not financial indiscipline leads to a growing mountain of debt, and neither are credit cards all that secure. Another possible mode of transactions would be through the use of Bitcoin, but these are hard and rare to come by. If you are one who loves to make transactions using Bitcoin, then you might be interested in checking out a couple of these indestructible state-of-the-art Bitcoin hardware , the titanium encased BitLox Ultimate and the BitLox Advanced, which comes securely encased in aerospace grade alloy.

Sporting a sleek shockproof and weatherproof metal case which is roughly the size of a credit card, which measures all of just 4mm in thickness while tipping the scales at a mere 25 grams, these BitLox hardware Bitcoin wallets come with quite a punch. The BitLox wallets will feature a 2″ full matrix advanced e-paper display, multiple layers of PIN protection and Bluetooth LE for access on the go with your smartphone.

Arriving in indestructible titanium and aerospace grade alloys, while boaasting of sporting unprecedented privacy and security features, BitLox claims that these are the ultimate secure Bitcoin storage solution for end users, organizations and companies operating in the Bitcoin sector. BitLox is the only one with the ability to use the security of the ultimate hardware Bitcoin wallet that merges with the absolute privacy of Darknet access tools, where hardware wallets can be used with BitLox’s TOR based access, or even the newest privacy network I2P. It will also play nice with the TailsOS, where every boot and use is as with a clean computer.

BitLox supports up to 50 hidden Bitcoin wallets for unprecedented privacy and security of users to boot, and has a duress PIN for self-destruct purposes. Each BitLox will come with a 5-year warranty and prices start from $199 onward.

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