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The Bissell Steam Shot kicks cleaning into high gear

Bissell Steam Shot

Once you move out of an apartment, it’s pretty surprising how much you’re going to care about keeping a houseĀ clean. Of course, you’re not going to have a bunch of time as you’ll be working every waking moment to keep up with payments, so cleaning will have to be as easy as possible. While you can’t power wash the inside of your home, you can always look to other methods if you’re facing a particularly difficult cleanup job.

While you will want to use some discretion, the Bissell Steam Shot Hard Surface Cleaner is meant to take care of things that scrubbing just can’t handle. Of course, it can also help with avoiding having to put too much elbow grease into a cleaning job too. This is a high-pressure steam cleaner that only needs to be plugged in and have its trigger pressed to start blasting grime away.

This is a 1000-watt device that comes with a 16-foot power cord, so if you don’t want to cough up dough for a full-on power cleaner you can detail the outside of your home inch by inch. This heats up in around 30 seconds, and will clean and sanitize without having to bleach your house. You’ll be able to mop floors, tackle the soap scum in the bathroom, and make the kitchen counters shine. It’ll cost you $37.95, but that’s not too terrible for squeaky clean everything.

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