Birdsong IdentifLyer

Become a bird expertWe reported on the bird digital speech trainer a few days ago but if you want to know what breed of bird is singing a song then this is the gadget to do it and as I’ve just become the admin of a budgie forum it seemed kind of appropriate.

I’d love to say you can turn this gadget on and it will identify near by birds chirping and display the breed on a screen (and a translation of what they were saying would be cool) but it’s not quite that high-tech. All it actually does is play bird songs so that so you can train your ear to do the hard work of recognising chirps. Pah. Though you can buy different bird song cards to identify different breeds.

You can get the Birdsong IdentifLyer from WindAndWeather (though the site was unavailable when I looked), found first on Book of Joe.