Birdcage Backpack

Polly doesn’t always want a cracker. Sometimes your bird just wants some love and good company. Sure, some birds like their alone time as much as you or me, but a bird such as a parrot is a social animal. They need to see the world and get some fresh air, rather than being pent up in your house all day.

The Birdcage Backback allows you to take your bird for a stroll. If you don’t have the patience of a pirate and can’t train the bird to sit obediently on your shoulder without flying away, then you must keep the pet confined. But at least you can allow the bird to get some fresh air and a view of the outside world.

Not only is this an advantage for the bird, but it means that if you want to transport your pet around the town that you no longer need to lug around a heavy cage. The meshed bird enclosure fits comfortably around your shoulders just like any standard backpack.

So if you feel a little guilty for keeping your pet bird caged up all day in a big empty house, the Birdcage Backpack is a great way to take the little guy with you without much of a strain. We imagine the most difficult part is simply getting the bird into the backpack. But once it’s comfortable, it might just do it all on its own.


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