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The Bird of Prey Bicycle – fly down the road faster than a speeding bullet

Bird of Prey Bike

Riding a bicycle normally means sitting on your rump and pedaling in an upright position. There are recumbent bikes that have you sitting back and pedaling in front of you, and those are far closer to the ground. It’s already scary enough riding a bike with angry motorists about, so if you’re looking for a new way to ride, I would imagine you’d want to be just as visible but with a different position that makes pedaling easier or just, different.

This Bird of Prey Bicycle leaves you semi-prone as you lean forward on it and pedal behind you. You lay forward looking like you’re flying as an awkward version of Superman. This way you’ll be looking up and seeing from a view closer to the ground without being right next to it. It would certainly be easier to ride with the pedals in this position, and you’ll have an advantage for aerodynamics. You’ll be able to zip around corners, and panic stops won’t have you flying over the handlebars.

On this bike, your hips are supported by a catcher mitt on either side that are covered in leather. There are also aero bars in the front for your elbows and your feet will clip into the pedals at the rear. It’s said that this is a better option for those who experience back pain, as sitting upright is actually pretty hard on your spine if you do it for too long (well, if you go without moving in any position for too long it can be hard on you). This is no purchase for the feint of heart, as it will cost you anywhere from $7,000-8,500 depending on the size and customization you choose. At least it uses bike parts that are easy to find if anything breaks.

Available for purchase on birdofpreybicycles

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  1. And I’m guessing the “prey” in this case include the folks paying that much for a bicycle. Does it come with someone who will pedal for you?

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