Bird Photo Booth: Say “Cheeps!” and not “Cheese!”

bird-photo-boothDo you love bird watching, or simply appreciate the songs that our feathered friends whistle every morning to greet a brand new day? If you fall under this particular category, then chances are pretty high that you would have built a bird house before, or even have a bird bath in your garden so that our feathered friends will be able to frolic around in the sun. The $149.99 Bird Photo Booth goes one step even further, where it is capable of snapping natural photos of birds that decide to drop by into your backyard. Not only that, it also doubles up as a bird feeder whenever it is not in use.

The Bird Photo Booth will play nice with a variety of iPhones, GoPro cameras, as well as the 4th and 5th generation iPod touch models, just so you know whether it is time to make that long awaited device upgrade or not. This is ideal for capturing birds that decide to drop by, while having them act naturally since you will not have any human presence around, letting them be. It works by relying on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to hook up to the camera which is located in the feeder outside up, with a device in the house, so that you can snap photos remotely. The entire shebang will be equipped with a macro and polarizing lens so that it goes further to improve your smartphone camera’s out-of-the box functionality. Now, if only it would come with a foam insert that supports Android devices, perhaps someone with a 3D printer might want to work on one?