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Charge your bird instead of feeding it with this USB Birdcage Lamp

USB Birdcage lamp

We love the idea of taking in an adorable animal like a bunny, bird, or hamster, but after the cute stage wears off the work associated with caring for them seems a bit more arduous. Not that we don’t love our furry friends any less, we just have some days where we don’t want to deal with poop, finding something destroyed, or feeling bad for leaving them alone too long during a day when we’re extra busy. If you want the adorable factor without the tasks to keep an animal alive, then you may want to go for aesthetics¬†of a fake version over a living, breathing creature.

This USB Birdcage Lamp gives you a bird that is as colorful and cute as a marshmallow peep without the horror of having to bite its head off. It comes in orange, blue, or pink, and looks as though it’s sitting on AstroTurf in a glass enclosure. There is a hook at the top by which you can hang this wherever you’d like, unless of course you want it to sit on a table.

All of these birds appear to be looking wistfully into the distance, and cast a soft glow on all that is nearby. There are two modes on this Lamp, one being always on, and the other is a Touch Sensor mode so you can control the brightness. This has a built-in 700mAh battery, and comes with a USB charging cable. This is going to cost you $27, and will hopefully keep its lovable demeanor in your eyes after you look at it every evening for more than a month.

Available for purchase on Brando