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The Biopod is a microhabitat that takes care of itself


Our environment is not what it once was. You can’t walk up to a stream and drink clean water or fish from wherever you want anymore. That being said, many different animals and plants that need a very precise type of habitat are becoming endangered as their homes are becoming more and more unlivable. There are a lot of different types of microhabitats out there that can sustain life, but it would normally take a lot of careful attention to make sure that it stays at the optimal temperature, humidity, and has the proper amount of oxygen.

Since our lives are so busy, it’s hard to maintain such a delicate balance, but it would be helpful if we had a system that could tweak the habitat as needed. The Biopod might look like a fancy fish tank, but it can do far more than keep some fish alive in water. This is an enclosed ecosystem needs very little maintenance as you can control many different factors of the environment through the Biopod app.

Not only will you be able to keep lizards and frogs living happily, but you can also have an entire garden setup inside without having to do much to maintain it. You could also use it for home décor, but you would need to be pretty well off to use it only for looks. To use this device, you only need to soil, seed, and plant what you want to grow, tell the app what you want, and watch it come to life. It has many different options for plants, pets, or décor, with subset options to specify what you want going on inside the tank. It will cost around $205-1,000 or more depending on what sort of setup you want.

More information and crowdfunding on Kickstarter