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Bionic Bird is a cool toy for children and adults alike

bionic-birdSo you are scratching your head, wondering just which particular gift to get for your little one as his or her birthday approaches. In a time when there are simply so many choices that abound, one does wonder whether getting another game console, smartphone or tablet is a good idea with so many of those devices available in the home already. Perhaps something that will get your cute child to experience the outside air is a good idea? Enter the $149.99 Bionic Bird.

This is one unique drone that can be controlled through a smartphone, arriving in the form of a biomimetic bird drone. It is full well capable of flying indoors as well as outdoors, hitting a maximum speed of 12mph, and it plays nice with both iOS and Android mobile operating systems. How does it “talk” to your smartphone? Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity comes into the picture, which means you have more or less an effective controlling range of up to 100 yards. A full charge allows the Bionic Bird to fly for up to 8 minutes, and has a clever portable battery solution that lets you recharge it up to 10 times in the wild.