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Biometric Immobiliser

Biometric Imobiliser
Getting your car stolen can be a very expensive inconvenience, there are all sorts of security devices out there to protect you car from thieves, anything from crook locks to GPS tracking systems. Today I found a Biometric Immobiliser which is kind of cool.

The biometric immobiliser functions like a standard immobiliser (i.e. immobilises starter, ignition, fuel, etc.) but instead of their being a hidden switch or combination lock the driver has to have their finger scanned before the car can be started. To prevent hot wiring all the clever electronics are hidden in an armoured-steel enclosure. So if somebody pinches your keys you can rest assured your car will be in the space you left it (provided they didn’t chop your fingers off as well :))

[ATRD found via nuevayolblog]

4 thoughts on “Biometric Immobiliser”

  1. Well, this isn’t ATRD’s – it’s an american company selling them for $399 USD. I find it very odd that the guy only puts his moby number on the website and no prices….

  2. We are the UK supplier for this product. Our Biometric system is developed to gain category status with in the UK. Prices start from £255 including fitting.
    The only reason there is only a mobile number on the website is that we have only recently completed fitting out our main UK fitting centre which is based in Coventry.
    No systems have been installed yet the website was just setup up to provide information on the product and to receive public feedback on the product.

    The website will be updated in the next few weeks with all the information, demo cars, prices, landline number, and address.


  3. Hi.Are this immobilizer is checking temperature and puls of your body? Because if not i can scan every one fingel line.

  4. Hello Robert
    The system use the lastest technology, and can detect if there is heat and pluse. If you have any questions then get in contact with atrd. I have had one on my car for over 12month and its never gone wrong, + i’ve lost my keys and did not worry as i knew that my car was safe.

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