BioDegradeable Fishing Line helps keep earth green

Those who love fishing are always encouraged to retrieve broken line, but many a time due to safety and practical reasons, doing so is just plain impossible. What happens then? Well, there is always the BioDegradeable Fishing Line that offers mother nature a fighting chance against trash in the sea, being as strong as a normal line also helps ensure you won’t lose your fish in the process.

Bioline biofilament fishing line biodegrades in the environment in five years.. Further during years 2-5 it is significantly degraded permitting wildife to easily break free should accidental entanglement occur. The concept of biodegradeable fishing line was advanced at a company that made medical sutures – the stitches that dissolve in the human body after surgery. After years of development, testing, technological and manufacturing advances, they released Bioline – America’s first biodegradeable fishing line. Bioline looks and feels like any Lo-Vis, Clear, Traditional Monofilament line.

The BioDegradeable Fishing Line will be available in 4,6,8,10 and 12 lb test, with larger Salt water sizes in the works. Heck, even the spool itself is biodegradable – neat!

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