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Biodegradable Mobile Phones (Covers)

This is a novel solution to to a growing problem, what to do with old mobile phones. In the UK alone 1,712 mobile phones are upgraded every hour (that’s nearly 15 million a year) which is producing skip fulls of waste. The London Science Museum today opened a new exhibition, Dead Ringers which amongst other things provides some intriguing recycling solutions.

My favourite so far is a prototype phone that contains a sun flower seed. When the phone has reached the end of its useful life (or more likely a new and flasher model is currently available), you simply take the cover off and plant it. The seed should then grow into a sunflower and will get extra nourishment from the biodegradable case which will completely break down within a month.

You can check out the exhibition in person for free at the Science Museum, just make sure you allow plenty of time as there is a lot of good stuff to see and do.