Bio-SnapON fingerprint recognition system

rtimgbiosnapon.jpgBio-SnapON from M2Sys is a complete fingerprint recognition system that is easily and instantly integrated with any third party software package, doing away with the need for development work of any sort. In layman’s terms, it can replace any external barcode or magstripe device with biometric identification while substituting fingerprint for an application username and password. Bio-SnapON is definitely ideal for the following situations:

  • POS applications for employee or customer authentication
  • Schools for student identification in the lunch line, library, or classroom
  • Large accounting or payroll software packages for employee time and attendance
  • Check cashing stores to reduce fraud and protect assets
  • Fitness clubs to eliminate ID cards and create a better user experience
  • No word on pricing as you have to contact the staff at M2Sys yourself if you plan to implement it in your organization.

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