Bio Robot Fridge keeps food cold in gelatin

Every year, Electrolux Design Lab has a a design contest where they challenge students to come up with new home appliances for a future era.
In keeping with this year’s theme, the Second Space Age, Yuriy Dmitriev submitted the Bio Robot Fridge. This Fridge really challenges the idea of a fridge as it doesn’t even look like a refrigerator, or any other household appliance for that matter. There is no motor, no door, only a layer of gel where you put things in and keep them fresh.
Don’t ask me how this keeps things cold, or how it keeps it in there. I have never seen this substance before, but I am told that the user can take stuff out without getting any excess residue on their edibles. I am told that this leaves a smaller carbon footprint than your average refrigerator.
As you can see in the photo, the Bio Robot Fridge can be mounted on a wall, but it can also be mounted on a ceiling. Yeah, the astronauts should love that. I guess that’s one way of keeping your food away from the kids.
This is still a concept for now, but it feels like the episode of The Office where Jim pranked Dwight by putting his supplies in Jello.


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