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The Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 will change your bathroom experience forever

Bidet Toilet Seat

Once you’ve been on a fancy high-tech toilet, nothing in your life ever feels the same again. If you spend three nights in a hotel room with a toilet that has heated seats, bidet, and butt dryer, you will notice how unexciting a toilet-related experience is anywhere else. It also helps you to feel cleaner after a rousing round of checking social media long after the last drop.

While getting a fully automated toilet from Japan would be a costly endeavor, you can at least get a toilet seat that will give you some of the same comforts. The BioBidet Ultimate BB-600 is an elongated or round toilet seat that has a side panel that will let you control all sorts of wonderful new experiences for your derriere. It is said to be easy to install on your own, and comes with a power saving mode so your electricity bill won’t be sky high.

The perks of this particular model, as there are definitely others out there, is that it has dual nozzles for bum and lady-bits washing, adjustable heat, a slow-closing lid, and there are different types of cleansing it can do for you as well. This is no small purchase at around $399, and you will have to put in some work to get this to start making bathroom trips more pleasant. Normally we would be a bit grossed out if a toilet seat is warm as it’s normally a sign of prior struggle, but in this case it’s a pretty great experience.

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