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Binocular Adapter for iPhone 5 adds some serious zoom

Have you ever seen a perfect Kodak moment before your eyes, and tried to capture it on your phone, only to realize that you’re entirely too far away? Recently there was a “super moon” which resulted in some very cool sights when the moon was rising or setting. It was pretty overcast here during those nights, but the one time that it was out, I was in the car without my good camera. I ended up stopping to snap a pic with my phone, but it just didn’t look as great as I’d have hoped. What I needed was a really nice zoom lens.

Sure, you can spend a fair sum of cash on a special lens for your phone that adds some nice zoom, but wouldn’t it be great if you could use something you already had around the house? If you happen to have a pair of old binoculars lying about, then you’ll just need $18 to turn it into the best zoom lens you’ve ever seen. For that price you get a special case, and a binocular eyepiece adapter.

This little accessory might not be the most life-changing purchase you’ve ever made, but it will help you take better pictures, should you actually happen to have some binoculars on you at the right time. It will work with the iPhone 4/4S/5, and most full-sized binoculars.