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Believe it or not, I’m biking on air, and it’s all thanks to the Kolelinia!

500x_kolelinia_1_01_01Hopefully you sang the title of this posting to the theme of the classic show The Greatest American Hero. If you don’t know the theme, watch a few episodes on Hulu, and then realize that “flying away on a wing and a prayer” is possible with the Kolelinia.

It is the Kolelinia that makes it possible for this man in the picture to bike on a tightrope. A Kolelinia user would not need to learn any special balancing skills, but would need some special equipment.

You see, the “tightrope” that is under the bike wheels is not some thick line of wire. In fact, it is a half-pipe shaped material that encloses the wheel quite safely, making the bicycle very difficult to tip over. Of course, one does not dare defy gravity like this on that wheeltrack alone, but a special contraption is attached to the handlebars. This device clips to the other tightrope that you can see at the handlebar level in the picture.

In short, the Kolelinia rider is secured at the handlebars and the tires, and is free to ride/fly wherever these special Kolelinia tracks are. You might think that is a pretty precarious balance, but so is a ski-lift. By the way, the rider can belt themselves to the bike for extra protection from falling.

Honestly, I’m feeling very positive about Kolelinia technology, and can easily see a world where Kolelinia bikers ride above all the traffic below. Of course, there is no guarantee of traffic-free Kolelinia tracks.