BikeGuard – QR Codes for Bike Recovery, will it work?


I have a relatively inexpensive bicycle, my husband wants us to spend more money and get some really fancy ones. I think he forgets about my less is more theory on exercise. I just don’t think having a deluxe bike is going to change how I feel about getting out in the elements and working up a sweat, and anyway, when you have a nice bike, someone will just want to take it… well, there goes that excuse., is introducing us to BikeGuard, a new (and free) bike registry and identification program. This service provides its customers with free QR Code asset tags so folks can track and identify their bicycles, and since a bike is lost or stolen about every seven seconds, BikeGuard may just be part of reducing the challenge of locating and recovering bicycles for both the bike owners, and the police.
Registering your bike with BikeGuard should greatly increase the likelihood that it will be returned to you if it is somehow recovered. Obviously registered bikes have a much greater chance of being returned to owners when lost or stolen, and these registries are used as an aid by police stations in order to identify and return stolen bicycles. Often times recovered bicycles are never returned to their owners and are auctioned, stockpiled or destroyed. BikeGuard aims to change that.
Registering is easy enough, users simply create a free account at and enter the details about their bikes like the make, model, and they can even upload a photo. That creates a personal bicycle registration page that displays the owner’s contact information and all the details of the registered bike.
Lastly, you get up to three free BikeGuard asset tags that contain a quick response (QR) code that when scanned with any smartphone, will direct the user to the owner’s bike registration page. Voila! Now you just have to hope that whoever found your bike wants to do the right thing.. easier said than done. No?

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