Bike Pedals With Built-In Magnets Cling To Your Shoes


This seemed like it might be a good idea at first glance.  After all, feet slipping off of your bike pedals is obnoxious.  Especially when you’re attempting to get a faster time, your feet slipping is often going to slow you down.  Therefore these pedals having magnets built into them that keep your feet fused to the pedal would most definitely help out the situation.  However, what’s going to make most people pause and rethink things is how much it’s going to cost to keep your feet on your bicycle pedals.

The biggest catch with these is that you need special shoes to go with the pedals.  Those special shoes come from Mavic and Mavic only.  Which means little to no chance of finding these any cheaper.  The shoes themselves are sold in both male and female forms.  Plus the soles of the shoes have been stiffened to make your bike ride a bit more comfortable.   The pedals themselves will cost you $60 per pair and then the shoes $90.

Source: GadgetLab

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