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Bike Cuffs to prevent theft

bike-cuffs.jpgThe Bike Cuffs that you see here are no ordinary cuffs or lock that helps being a theft deterrent – they’re harder to crack than a complicated Sudoku puzzle.

The heavy-duty cuffs attach around the fork and disc rotor so would-be thieves can’t make off with your bike unless they’re armed with some kind of Fort Knox-busting wonder weapon. This nifty arrangement means you won’t have to faff around taking off your wheel for full lockdown. You don’t even need to use the keys to secure your bike, just click the cuffs using the integrated buttons. Of course no locking system is completely impenetrable but Bike Cuffs are highly-rated by crime prevention bods. Police-approved security assessors, Sold Secure, have awarded Bike Cuffs their highly coveted Silver Rating (Gold’s for humungous locks only), a judgment that should reduce your insurance costs.

Perfect for those who use the bicycle as their primary means of transport. The Bike Cuffs will go a long way in providing you with peace of mind for £79.95. I just hope frustrated thieves won’t end up slashing your bike tires though.