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Bike Balls are good for a laugh

bike-ballsSo, you happen to love getting around your city on a couple of wheels without having to burn some fossil fuel along the way while burning some calories on the side, which would mean that you love cycling. However, cycling when there is very little light is not exactly the best thing to do, and neither is it the safest, which is why you would have “balls” to do so – and why not equip your two-wheeler with a pair as well in order to provide some illumination? While it might sound crazy and impossible, the £19.99 Bike Balls are certainly worth looking into while providing others around you with a laugh.

The Bike Balls will be able to boost your visibility while adding a dose of humor to the daily commute, where the swaying silicone ball sack will emit a bright red glow. It will hook up without any effort to your bicycle seat rail, where turning them on or off as well as changing light modes is achieved with but a gentle squeeze. Not only that, it has been built to last with water/splash resistant construction. They are powered by a pair of CR2032 replaceable batteries which should last for 100 hours thereabouts in solid light mode or around 190 hours in flashing mode.