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Really Big Inflatable Swan would love a dip in your pool

inflatable-swanSummer is coming, and with that, it would translate to having a ball of a time in the great outdoors. Some of us like to get close to nature by hiking or taking the road less traveled, while others would like to take a dip in the nearby river or lake. However, if you so happen to be blessed enough to own a home with a swimming pool, how about having some wild fun with the £49.99 Really Big Inflatable Swan?

I would like to think that the name itself does give the game away – the Really Big Inflatable Swan lives up to its reputation, being really large in size, and it measures a massive 75” x 48”. You can proverbially kill a pair of birds with a single stone, so to speak, by relaxing and having a nice, delightful time floating in bliss. And fret not if you have piled on the pounds in the previous months, the Really Big Inflatable Swan is able to handle up to 140lb of weight. Made from durable, heavy-duty vinyl, it can stash an adult comfortably, or perhaps four children’s worth. Would be nice to pair this up with the Inflatable Water Shooting Float.

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