Big Daddy Driver

Don’t you just love convergence devices? Here we have the Big Daddy Driver that doubles up as a weed whacker as well, but I don’t think the local golf club will take too kindly to you messing up their green during your more frustrated moments.

This may look like an ordinary driver but the Big Daddy Driver conceals a Secret Weapon – a Weed Whacker! That’s right, this novelty golf club transforms into a battery powered weed whacker that actually cuts the grass. Is your ball stuck in the rough? No problem! With the Big Daddy Driver you can cut around it to create an easier shot. Of course the Big Daddy Driver is only permitted during recreational play but the fun and laughter you get while using it is priceless! And it’s not just for the golf course. The Big Daddy Driver makes lawn & garden work at home much more enjoyable. The Big Daddy Driver – The Funniest Golf Gift Ever!

The Big Daddy Driver is currently on sale for $49.95, which is a $10 discount off it’s normal price.