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Big Button Phone

Sure, growing old gracefully has its fair share of benefits, where among them include half price discounts when it comes to the little things in life such as dinner at a restaurant in certain places, or perhaps even when you are flying. Well, the price to pay for some might be failing health, as the internal organs start to wind down, while other senses of the body such as hearing and sight begin to fail, too. Hence, it is not surprising to see seniors walk around with hearing aids as well as a pair of glasses, and if you think that your ocular abilities are starting to be shaky, perhaps it is time to make sure the stuff around your home, too, will be able to keep up with your, er, degeneration, for the lack of a better word.

Since the telephone is one of the more useful tools at home, I guess you cannot really go wrong with the $49.95 Big Button Phone, where it works just as it is named – carrying extremely large buttons on the phone itself. The numbers on these buttons will also be raised for a Braille effect as well as easy dialing. There are three programmable “one-push” buttons that help you summon fire, police or medical help, in addition to other features including a speakerphone, 13-number memory, last number redial, visual ringer indicator, and volume controls for both the ringer (up to 90dB) and the handset. Heck, it will play nice with your hearing aid, assuming you wear one, and works even during power outages thanks to its power reserves.

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  1. “and works even during power outages thanks to its power reserves.” — for those of you too young to know, wired landline phone such as this get their power from the phone line itself – there are no “power reserves” (unless for some strange reason Bell Telephone has decided it needed more power for some bells and whistles, which is unlikely…)

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