Bicycle bubble machine causes sidewalks to erode

Want to get back at your neighbors a bit, without them knowing you’re doing it?  Check out this little device, it appears to be just a fun little gadget that spits out bubbles as you ride along the sidewalk on your bike.  However, it does much more than that.  Within each bubble is a tiny little flower seed, which sounds fun and pretty.  Yet every single one of those seeds that ends up producing a plant is slowly eating away at the concrete.  Which means every single week your neighbor is going to be outside with weed spray trying to keep them down.

All the while you’re just going back through and planting more.  The gadget isn’t actually meant for sinister tasks, it’s supposed to be inspirational.  However, I seriously doubt that the owners of the sidewalk you just pedaled over would agree with that.  The bubbles use natural ingredients, vegetable based soap which combines with the seeds to make a dissolving nugget as they call it.  The mixture makes it so that each bubble can hold a seed.  It’s honestly not that I dislike flowers, its just that this would end up causing damage and frustration as opposed to inspiring anyone.

Source: Make